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How CMOs Can Know If Their Marketing Campaigns Work
By: Forbes
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The days of throwing a marketing campaign out there and seeing if it sticks by counting how many new customers you end up getting are long gone. There is no way around becoming completely accountable for the marketing campaigns you approve. In some ways, that is great for you and the marketing team because it means you can get a better picture of just what type of marketing tactics and messages really resonate.

However, in order to get that far, you need to know what part of the voluminous amounts of data now available to start sifting through. It may seem like looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack, but technology has added a beacon device to that needle. Here is a rundown of some of the metrics that tells you exactly where you went right and where you lost track:

Predictive Analytics
One of the biggest trends to deliver real insights about what is working in marketing is the science of using statistics to identify and study patterns that may be available in the data. Predictive analytics and regression modeling put the science into the art of marketing to look directly at purchasing behaviors and delivers information that helps you respond directly to these behaviors.


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