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Facebook's plan to disrupt TV advertising may have hit a wall
By: Business Insider
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Facebook wants to grab a big chunk of the $70 billion-plus US TV ad market.

The opportunity is clear. Even as the social network's advertising business has exploded, driven by small and mid-sized companies, major brand advertisers — that is companies that sell soda and cereal and razor blades and beer — have historically spent the largest portions of their budgets on TV ads. Break in to TV advertising, and billions of dollars could flow to Facebook.

The challenge for the tech giant is breaking old habits and fending off resistance from suspicious media companies. Despite the ongoing decline in live TV viewing, large swaths of marketers’ budgets have remained stubbornly locked up in TV advertising. And for the most part, TV advertising is controlled by TV companies.

That leaves  tech platforms like Facebook with a few options if they  want to jam their way into the TV ad world. They can:



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This article originall appeared on BI, and a link to the original can be found at the end. www.businessinsider.com
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