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With ‘Forces of Destiny,’ Hasbro Makes Its Biggest Push Yet Towards Female-Skewing Star Wars Toys
By: Aaron Whitaker
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Though the trend nowadays is to advocate for non-gendering toy categories, there are still some overall generalities that can be made about character-based figures from the major toy companies. If its detail is all sculpted and fires a spring-loaded missile, it's an action figure aimed at boys. If it has rooted hair and cloth clothes, it's a doll aimed at girls. (Yes, there are other gender identifications, but no major toy company is marketing directly to them as yet.)

But recently, those lines have begun to deliberately blur. Spurred by consumer data that shows 60% of online sales of superhero merchandise can be attributed to women, Mattel launched DC Super Hero Girls in 2015, which was a female-skewing line that featured both "dolls" and "action figures." It proved successful enough to merit mentioning on their earnings call, and to expand beyond being exclusive to Target stores.


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