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How The Atlantic is Scrambling to Keep Readers on Its Own Site
By: Digiday
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The Atlantic has spread its articles across platforms, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. It was one of the first publishers to launch on Facebook Instant Articles, and embraced Google’s counterpart, Accelerated Mobile Pages. It credits moves like that with a 30 percent increase in its digital audience and 20 percent increase in revenue last year.

Now, it’s doubling down on its efforts to make direct connections with readers. It has made a series of moves to make more regular readers out of people and ultimately, get more people to subscribe. Other news publications are doing the same, hoping that in the wake of the election, people will place more value on quality journalism. The Atlantic gets 15 percent of its revenue from circulation, a figure it would like to grow, though it wouldn’t say by how much.

“What we recognized was, in part, we became so aggressively platform-agnostic, which was a good idea,” said Sam Rosen, who became The Atlantic’s vp of brand and customer growth this year, from vp of marketing, and will lead a new data and insights team. “Suddenly, Atlantic content was all over the place. But we weren’t unifying it under a single message. We were kind of the victims of our own success.”


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