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Facebook Launches 'Advanced Measurement' So Advertisers Can Compare Its Effectiveness
By: Business Insider
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Facebook announced Tuesday it is rolling out a service called "Advanced Measurement" to all advertisers — not just its biggest spenders — that will allow them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns across Facebook's properties versus how they performed on competitor sites and apps.

Advertisers can soon use Advanced Measurement to assess which platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, search, or display ads on Google — drove the most purchases on their online store, or had the highest reach among their desired target audience.

The launch comes at a time when platforms like Facebook and Google are under heightened pressure from advertisers to improve their measurement systems and ensure they are properly audited by third parties. The two are often accused of being "walled gardens" that "mark their own homework" because they do not allow third-party measurement firms and auditing firms access to as much of their data as other online media owners do. In its defense, Facebook says letting third-parties have open access to all its data could pose a serious risk to the security of the information that users trust it with.



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