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3 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Won't Help Drive Your Business' Sales
By: Forbes
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In a world of celebrity marketing and the era of Kardashian reality, many brands have entered into the realm of celebrity endorsements through social media. Most of us have seen the Instagram posts from Kim, Khloe and all of the other “Ks” where they make claims on a product that has magically “changed their life.”

But let’s get real. Did this directly impact the sales for those brands?  Sure, that post probably received a lot of ‘likes’ and ‘views,’ but did it result in an increase to a company’s bottom line? Our team at TapInfluence has put in the groundwork to find that answer and what we’ve uncovered is a big, whopping “no.”  An article on Brandwatch published earlier this year even discusses a brand that utilized Kim’s Instagram to drive engagement and found ended up investing a mere $30 for 30 online orders.

Although Kim and her entourage may have huge surface level impression metrics that some would label as a success; most brands that are looking to drive meaningful results and celebrities are not the answer to do so. Kim, along with a number of other celebrities, tend to prioritize their own personal brand over the brand that has engaged them. This results in an extreme lack of well-produced and authentic  content. Celebrities don’t take the time to develop meaningful imagery or videos that they know will move their audience, their sole focus is on themselves and they have a whole team dedicated to help them with exactly that.


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