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The Last Place One Would Expect to Find Design & Innovation: The Dentist's Office
By: Forbes
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In a year of searching for a good dentist in New York City, I happened upon a pretty amazing one, in a class by herself when it comes to design sensibility and customer touchpoint innovation, and unlike anything I’ve seen before. I would venture to say there is no practice like hers anywhere. It starts with a vision, a desired response from patients, a thoughtful and detailed understanding of all the steps on the “customer dentistry journey”, an ability to challenge what has been customary, a far hipper, tech savvy approach springing from being a 35-year old millennial, being innately creative, and a particularly creative husband as a collaborator, Kent Rogowski, who is an artist and professor of photography at The Rhode Island School of Design.  Jennifer Plotnick is the dentist/owner of the newly launched Grand Street Dental in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The unusual practice she has created goes to show that no matter how small or mundane a business may seem, there’s always the opportunity to totally rethink it, innovate, and stand out by delivering exceptional customer experience. Jennifer’s example provides a small business primer on mastering all the marketing elements that go into creating a great overall brand impression and strategically positioning the brand among competitive options. The example is customer touchpoint mastery on steroids, in a good way.


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