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Advertisers Seek Leverage Versus Facebook in Metrics Screw-up
By: Digiday
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Facebook’s accidental inflation of average video watch time will be used by advertisers as a bargaining chip to pressure Facebook into opening its platform to more third-party measurement providers.

In fact, it has already begun. Last Friday, the Association of National Advertisers’ CEO, Bob Liodice, published a blog post calling on Facebook to have its metrics audited and accredited by the Media Rating Council. These are “table stakes” for digital advertising, he said. “ANA does not believe there are any pragmatic reasons that a media company should not abide by the standards of accreditation and auditing.”

Facebook’s error was in miscalculating how it measured average video watch time on its platform. Instead of dividing total time spent by the number of times the video played, Facebook divided total time spent by number of three-second views — meaning the metric did not include any time a video started but did not pass the three-second threshold.



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