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Data Ownership Remains an Unsolved Problem Between Agencies and Clients
By: Digiday
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Data ownership has been contentious since the start of the Web. Everyone — publishers, ad networks, agencies — thinks the other is ripping them off. Data ownership should be bringing our industry together instead of dividing it.

There is no question that in many cases, the data generated from a campaign is worth more than the cost of the campaign itself. The Association of National Advertisers, concerned about transparency in media buying, has produced a set of data guidelines that give clients control over their data and the ability to access their data wherever it resides. Not many would disagree with these principles, but there are significant hurdles.

As an agency, we can log into our client’s-owned ad-server instance, Data Management Platform, or demand-side platform thus allowing the advertiser to own the relationship with the vendor that controls their campaign performance and targeting data. Alternatively, we can help advertisers set up their own instance in our accounts with these platforms. If clients elect to use our agency resources, they are welcome to access the tools through their own login. All of our dashboards feature a “download” button for immediate export of raw data.



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