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When Agencies Focus on 'Culture,' They Get Exclusion Instead
By: Digiday
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When a copywriter applied to a big agency on the West Coast, he was surprised to hear a pretty unusual question asked in an interview: What’s your favorite television show?

He answered: “’Scandal.’ Or any Shonda Rhimes show.” The creative director balked because he liked “Breaking Bad.” The copywriter didn’t get the job. In another instance, a strategist was asked where she liked to shop. If the answer wasn’t a big, expensive department store, she was out.

On the face of it, questions like these seem perfectly innocuous: After all, if you’re hiring someone for a high-pressure and team-oriented role at an agency, you want to make sure they have something in common with the other people in the company. Agencies’ only asset is their people, so it makes sense to put a premium on the the multitude of intangibles that make up “culture.” After all, it’s hard to get through an issue of Harvard Business Review without coming across an article related to corporate culture.



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