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A Bunch of Famous YouTubers are Furious at YouTube Right Now — Here's Why
By: Business Insider
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When you click on a YouTube video, there's a good chance you'll see a 15-second advertisement before it for Febreeze, Purina, or whatever.

But maybe you've noticed that only some videos have these pre-roll advertisements.

YouTubers have to manually opt-in to monetizing their channels, meaning that ads will roll before their videos and they'll get a portion of the ad revenue generated from people like you and me as we sit helplessly waiting for the "Skip Ad" option to appear.

In most cases, the amount of money this generates is pretty inconsequential, but for YouTube's most popular content creators, the amount of money their channels generate can be a significant portion of their income.

Starting Thursday morning, many YouTubers were finding that they'd received emails notifying them that one or more of their videos violate its "advertiser-friendly content guidelines." According to YouTube's terms of service, videos are considered ineligible for monetization if they are not "advertiser-friendly," which includes content that has any of the following qualities:



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