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When Brands and Influencers Screw Up
By: Digiday
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Influencer marketing continues to heat up on Instagram thanks to the platform’snew algorithm that rewards brands’ relationships with social media stars. But brands and the influencers themselves often run into problems in the still-nascent area thanks to miscommunication, inexperience and conflicting objectives. There are even instances in which influencers simply copy and paste marketing instructions from the brands that they represent.

Here, we break down three common marketing slip-ups on Instagram, as told by both the influencer side and the brand side.

Influencers accidentally post their correspondence with brands.
It’s a common practice for brands and agencies to give social influencers a suggested caption, especially when they are working with those who have more than 100,000 followers, according to Victoria Reitano, CEO of social media agency CreatiVix Media. In doing so, brands can make sure that all hashtags, tags and short links are shared as desired to create highly engaging social experience for their audience.


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