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Beware the Siren Song of Marketing Automation
By: AdAge
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The ancient legend of the sirens who seduced sailors with their enchanting song -- only to result in often catastrophic shipwrecks -- is an apt metaphor for today's marketing automation adoption journey.

Since the beginning of marketing automation time -- from the sales automation of the 1990s to inbound marketing automation platforms of the 2000s -- today's solutions struggle to balance the delicate tension between serving the art of marketing within the tight construct of marketing automation.

That age-old tension is being played out among the top mega automation platforms today as they wrestle with a new level of complexity never seen before. They must manage the onslaught of big data; they must power inbound marketing optimization platforms; they must allow for real-time social management; and they must somehow tie all the pieces together to leverage a new era of personalized user experiences.

The complexity is daunting for everyone, yet despite the challenges, the prize is worth the effort because the next horizon of marketing excellence is all about user experiences -- personalized and authentic. That's where marketing automation comes in.

So while the siren song is sweet, let's be cognizant of the four dangers that lurk beneath the glittery surface.


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