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Advertisers are Facing This One Major Issue on Mobile Devices
By: Business Insider
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Advertisers are doing all they can to reach consumers directly on their mobile devices, but they're hitting a major roadblock that's preventing them from reaching their full potential.

A new report from the Media Rating Council (MRC) cited by Adweek notes that mobile ads take five seconds to load on average. These findings come from more than one billion mobile impressions from approximately 12 data sources, and the report marks first time that the MRC has evaluated mobile ad load times.

Advertisers should be concerned about these results, notes Robert Elder, research associate for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. Five seconds might not seem like a lot, but it is in today's world. And the five-second load time suggests that viewability rates (the share of ads actually seen by users) could decline if the load time does not decrease.

Viewability rates are one of the main factors that advertisers use to establish campaign prices and evaluate the success or failure of a campaign. Longer load times mean a user is more likely to dismiss the ad without viewing it or even exit a page altogether, which drives down viewability rates.

Slow ads can also drag down the page load time of a site, which causes users to leave. Data from Gomez and Akamai compiled by Kissmetrics reveals that page abandonment rates rise above 25% if a page takes four seconds or more to load. This is a problem of user experience that sometimes spurs people to install ad blockers.

This slow ad load problem is compounded by the fact that the average human attention span is eight seconds, according to a Microsoft Advertising study.



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