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Brands Aren't Using Facebook Canvas, but Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Are
By: Digiday
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Brands have been relatively slow to pick up on Canvas, Facebook’s mobile ad format that’s been called “Instant Articles for brands.” But there are two other surprising fans of the format. Presidential hopefuls Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have both made a full-court advertising push using Canvas in the primary season.

Sanders was the the first-ever politician to use Canvas, with an ad showing viewers how to vote in certain states — from finding a voting location to checking  photo ID requirements — and also included information on how caucuses work. It cost the campaign $350,000, and it reached just over 750,000 people in Iowa. In New Hampshire, it reached 330,000 people for a cost of $175,000.

“Canvas is great for two big reasons. It provides these campaigns with the opportunity to tell an immersive story — their story — using video, stills and calls to action — really whatever works for them. And it’s designed for mobile, which is where the voters campaigns want to reach are spending their time anyway,” Chase Mohney, Facebook client partner, told Digiday.



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