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How to Make the Most Memorable TV Ad, According to Neuroscience
By: Business Insider
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Consumer neuroscience research company Neuro-Insight has released a study that it says outlines the six key links between TV advertising and long-term memory encoding (LTME.)

Neuro-Insight advises advertisers (more detail below) to: disregard ethnicity and gender; ignore the hard-sell; contrast the pace; show lots of conversations and affection; drive the action with music; and time the branding with the "reveal" of the ad narrative to really make their ads pop.

There is a strong correlation between LTME and decision-making. By identifying the factors in ads which stick in our mind and affect our future behavior, the analysis gives advertisers a good clue as to how to make the most memorable commercial.

In a study commissioned by UK TV marketing body Thinkbox, Neuro-Insight coded more than 150 ads to recognize 50 creative criteria. These results were then correlated with the company's data on LTME to identify their effectiveness.

1. Disregard ethnicity and gender

The neuroscience study revealed the ethnicity of actors in TV ads has no effect on encoding on our long-term memory. It also showed that whether women are portrayed in "traditional or non-traditional female roles" has no effect.

2. Don't directly sell the product or list facts

Hard facts and direct sales do not help brands become memorable in TV ads.

Ads that went for the "hard product sell" performed 17% worse than those that interspersed the product within the ad's narrative. Those ads which used scientific information performed worst in the study.



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