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Gatorade Expands into Digital Fitness with Smart-cap Bottle Design
By: Digiday
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The global market for wearable fitness technology is estimated to reach $12.44 billion by 2022, a trend that isn’t missed by brands that target athletes, from Adidas to Under Armour — and now Gatorade.

As athletes are increasingly using wearable devices to track diet, measure heart rate and time training, Gatorade is developing a microchip-fitted smart-cap bottle and sweat patch to inform them when and how much they should drink.

The chip-enabled patch, which sticks to the skin, will work with an app to analyze a player’s sweat, communicating with Gatorade’s software to identify the athlete’s sweat level, as well as electrolyte and additional fluid-intake needs. The chip-fitted cap, on the other hand, will share real-time hydration data of the athlete. Based on the algorithm developed in collaboration with its Sports Science Institute, Gatorade will give the player nutrition recommendations.

Naturally, Gatorade recommends that athletes drink Gatorade. Toward that end, the sport drink will suggest one of its 12 formulas (designed for the smart cap bottle and served in egg-shaped pods) that fits his or her sweat type. The formulas will be optimized to the athletes in carb, calorie and electrolyte levels, according to Xavi Cortadellas, senior director of global innovation and design for Gatorade.



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