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How Agencies are Wooing Ex-Staffers to Return
By: Digiday
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Danny Cashin began his agency career as an intern at Atlanta-based Brown Bag Marketing in 2009, joining the agency full-time as a project manager the following year. After three years at the agency, he took off for a client-side gig, followed by a role at another agency in 2013. In 2015, Cashin came home.

“You’d think it would have been hard, but it was pretty easy to come back,” he said. “It was like coming home to family.”

Cashin’s experience is hardly unique. His path resembles that of many other agency “boomerangers,” employees who jump from one agency to another or to the client-side, only to make their way back to a former employer. And according to industry experts, recruiters and HR executives, while the trend has been gaining steam for a while, it has never been as common as it is now.

San Francisco agency Venables Bell & Partners sees two or three employees return every year, following stints away from the agency that span anywhere between six to 18 months. Fifteen out of Deutch’s several hundred new hires were boomerangers in 2015. Of Martin Agency’s 507 current employees, COO Beth Rilee-Kelley estimated that 8 percent are boomerangers. At both Brown Bag and Ogilvy, boomerangers comprise close to 10 percent of the workforce.

“It has been accelerating especially over the last three to four months; it’s almost become an accepted practice,” said Jay Haines, founding partner of executive recruiting firm Grace Blue. “Agencies need to start making the most of it and managing the conversation when someone leaves keeping that in mind.”



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