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This Internet Browser is the First to Feature a Built-In Ad Blocker
By: Business Insider
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Opera has announced that a major update to its web browser will include a native ad blocker, the first in the industry. The company says it will speed up websites and improve user experience, claiming a built-in blocker is more effective than plugins.

The company announced the feature in a blog post today, declaring "People really want ad-blocking technology." It has decided to take the controversial move of building an ad blocker directly into the heart of Opera, a decision it says "will accelerate the change that the ad industry needs to pursue."

Opera explains that sluggish, insecure advertising and fake download buttons are turning people away from the Internet and the publishers that use it. It wants to force the industry to look for a better solution by giving consumers the option of disabling adverts altogether, eliminating the need for browser extensions in the process.

"People are clearly sending a signal to brands and advertisers that the current situation must change," the company said.



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