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Millions of People Hate Colonel Sanders — and KFC is Thrilled
By: Business Insider
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I hate Colonel Sanders. More than that, I hate KFC’s newfound obsession with its founder.

On Wednesday, the brand released yet another commercial starring Colonel Sanders. The ad highlights KFC’s limited-time offer of Nashville Hot Chicken (which I like) and the rotating cast of Colonels (which I despise).

The company’s Colonel Sanders kick started last May, when KFC launched its first ad featuring Colonel Sanders after a 21-year hiatus.

The commercial stars comedian Darrell Hammond, cackling as he wheezes, “I’m Colonel Sanders, and I’m back America!”

I hated it. First, I found it eerie for a brand to resurrect its dead founder, who acted as the spokesperson for KFC for many years. Second, I found Hammond’s portrayal of the Colonel grating, with his kitschy, old-school Southern affectations.

However, I thought that, like many fast-food marketing pushes, this annoyance would be a limited-time offering.

If only I knew then how wrong I was.



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