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Beyoncé Increases Red Lobster’s Sales #swag
By: Justine Huffman
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Word of mouth will always be the most effective form of advertising. We’ve heard it a trillion times in the marketing universe, but now Red Lobster knows!

After Beyoncé dropped her latest single, “Formation,” Red Lobster experienced a thirty-three percent increase in sales. All due to Mrs. Carter, who shared her practice of rewarding a superb intimate experience with a trip to the chain eatery within the song.

Red Lobster also trended on Twitter, a first for the restaurant aiming “for the seafood lover in you.” Within an hour, nearly forty-two thousand mentions of the restaurant were tweeted, which spurred its name in Twitter history.

Kim Lopdrup, CEO of Red Lobster, stated, “It's clear that Beyoncé has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that."

Don’t be surprised if talks of Beyoncé becoming a spokesperson for Red Lobster come to fruition.

Having one of the most legendary living music artists drop the name of your business without solicitation is major, and it’s nice to know that the famed seafood restaurant is appreciative.

Beyoncé hearts Red Lobster, and Red Lobster hearts Beyoncé.

Let’s all hope those “Cheddar Bey Biscuits” become more than merely an idea thrown around in the boardroom.

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About the Author
Justine Huffman is an indie author, poet, and graphic artist residing in Delaware, USA. When she's not unleashing her creative powers, she enjoys reading humorous fiction, dining at local seafood eateries, and daydreaming. 
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