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Peace Out, Windows 8!
By: Justine Huffman
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Due to security risks, lack of interest, and the cyber vulnerabilities associated with Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft will be ending support for some of its products.

Microsoft announced last week that there would be discontinued support services for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, along with support for the Windows 8 operating system. Ouch!

Users of said products have been issued notifications of support cessations, along with suggestions to upgrade to current Microsoft offerings.

Essentially, all Internet Explorer users will have to use Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge for their browsing needs, pending they don’t decide to switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome first.

Windows 8 consumers will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (if they haven’t already) or 10. Users of Windows 8 were previously “forced” to advance to 8.1, via a mandatory update issued in 2013.

Any longstanding brand like Microsoft understands the necessity of moving forward. Through halting any additional support for aged products, the company has refreshed its commitment to offer only the best to its consumers.

It’s not as if Internet Explorer has been a top-rated web browser lately. With reports of lag, defective add-ons, and hacker-friendly issues, it’s no wonder more Internet users are leaving Internet Explorer in the dust.

At least there’s Microsoft Edge.

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Justine Huffman is an indie author, poet, and graphic artist residing in Delaware, USA. When she's not unleashing her creative powers, she enjoys reading humorous fiction, dining at local seafood eateries, and daydreaming. 
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