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Relationships Over Growth in 2016
By: Bernard Harrell
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Too many people believe the “Grow or Die” myth in business. This usually means a heavily stressed workflow and too much emphasis on sales, which causes lots of stress in the office. Also, when a business is run in this manner, people tend to forget about quality control, customer satisfaction, and B2B relations. These are largely important for a businesses survival.
You may disagree, but what is the general sentiment for a wealthy company with terrible customer service practices? Soon after the reputation falls into shambles, the business is likely to follow suit. 
This is why you should take a deep breath and recognize what your customers think about you. What do you want them to think? Are they leaving positive comments where applicable? Does your content get shared by your customers? If not, this may be because they weren’t truly satisfied. 
Remember, large players in the world of business like Circuit City and Blockbuster that have failed. How do you suppose their customer service policies were handled? Companies with strong customer service–based policies tend to survive through rough times. Believe it or not, customers that like a company go out of thier way to show support.
Treat each sale as an opportunity to develop a relationship. Regardless of your industry, there is always a "younger you” salivating at the thought of taking your position. In order to maintain it you have to solidify a relationship with each customer. Another great way to manage your relationship with customers is to become empathetic with other cultures. 
For example, years ago McDonald's took a religious phrase in various languages off of their bags because it offended muslim customers. Discarding something with the word “God” on it isn’t taken lightly in the muslim community. Starbucks did something similar when they decided to take Christmas images off of their cups during this holiday season, which caused a large outburst. However, it made room for more cultural backgrounds to openly indulge in coffee during this holiday season.
We live in a time where a digital product can be sold anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to maximize your potential seek healthy relationships, and consider a world of varying cultures. Soon enough you will establish a firm foundation for your growth in the upcoming year.

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About the Author
Bernard Harrell is an aspiring entrepreneur. He believes in the power of simplicity, and that the smallest idea, or person, can change the world.
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