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Passive Marketing: Let the Customers Come to You
By: Bernard Harrell
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Passive marketing is a form of marketing that gives the customer accessibility to your product. Think of the juicy burger from the McDonald’s billboard on the highway that conveniently tells you that they are one exit away. This is considered passive because it doesn't impede the audience’s space. It’s not an annoying, unexpected phone call from a salesman or a long commercial taking time away from your favorite television show. But it works! There are many ways that you can do this today without spending thousands of dollars on a billboard.

Having a site that is easy to find or stumble upon always helps. Maximizing your company’s appearance on search engines, commonly known as SEO, makes you stand out from the crowd. Mastering SEO will prove to be very lucrative for your company. Creating a simpler domain name is a good idea, too; having a difficult website location makes it harder to remember. Have you ever attempted to find a store, but the exact location was too difficult to find, so you settled for the next best thing? It happens.

Networking is another great way to market your business passively. If another entity mentions your business, it adds to your company’s value and could improve sales. If a blog or popular entity — celebrity, athlete, or social media user — gives positive feedback about what you do, more people will want to see what you’re all about. So, amidst the social media craze and trending pandemonium, remain professional and use the trends as a way to get the customer's eyes on you. Podcasts are also great for this. If you create a podcast for your company or service, it lets people know that you’re an expert on the subject. This builds the “trust factor” for your brand and raises the customer/client expectations of quality work.

Don't confuse “passive” with “nonchalant.” Passive can be just as serious as active marketing in many cases; it’s just a different approach that plays on a consumer’s subconscious.

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About the Author
Bernard Harrell is an aspiring entrepreneur. He believes in the power of simplicity, and that the smallest idea, or person, can change the world.
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