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Super Bowl Spoilers
By: Ted Curtin
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This year’s Super Bowl battle has already started. Before the teams even hit the gridiron, advertisers have jumped onto the field with the hopes of taking an early lead and running up the score. Well before Manning or Brady completes their first pass, marketers are avoiding the coin toss and going head-to-head to compete, not for the Lombardi Trophy, but for the ultimate Super Bowl prize…you!

Last year’s phenomenal success of Volkswagen’s TV commercial “The Force” has led, not just to an attempted repeat of that viral energy with “The Bark Side,” but to just about every other car manufacturer pre-launching their well-hyped Super Bowl spots. Lexus spoofs Jurassic Park in their newly uncaged “The Beast” campaign while Toyota adds humor while touting its own “Reinvention.” Honda plays off the movie theme with the already popular spoof on “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” — starring Matthew Broderick himself.

Chevy is in on the game too, but taking it a few yards deeper. In addition to their hilarious new “Graduation Gift” TV spot, which is the end result of a user contest itself, Chevrolet is making sure their gained yardage sticks well into the fourth quarter. Chevy’s promotion is a contest that has fans downloading the custom “Chevy Game Time” App for their Android or Apple device. Fans will be paying attention to the polls during the game and the commercials as they air to see if their assigned promotional license plate matches the ones that will be in the airtime versions of Chevy’s already popular TV spots. The prizes range from cars to phones to pizzas and music with the intent of driving plenty of game-time engagement and as much social media exposure as the game itself.

The Super Bowl is a huge event for sports and marketers alike. It’s estimated that around 70% of all Americans will be tuning in to watch the big game. With 54% of viewers only tuning in for the commercials, for some, this year’s Super Bowl could become a bit anti-climactic. The more interesting stats are in the predicted multiple screen engagement. More than half of the people watching the Super Bowl will be posting, tweeting, and browsing on a second screen  You could easily argue that advertisers “merely” dropping the reported $3.5 $4 million for a stand-alone televised ad are missing huge extended value in their marketing reach and engagement.

While cars are expected to dominate the ad time over the traditional suds, soft drinks, and snacks, even Coke is trying to capture some of that game time brand engagement gold. Coca-Cola has created a Super Commercial of sorts that will have the famous Polar Bears reacting in real time to the action on the field, throughout the entire game.

While all of the advertising pre-hype means a missing element of anticipation for some who enjoy the commercials more than the game itself, make no mistake — the battle for likes, tweets, and posts won’t be the only competition. This year’s anticipated rematch between the Giants and the Patriots promises to be an exciting battle on the field as well.

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