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Your Technology Won't Save You

I remember getting my first Mont Blanc “writing instrument” (that’s what they call it) as a graduation gift. As I held it in my hand, my father said to me, “A fancy pen (I wasn’t going to correct my dad) won’t make you a better writer. It’s only as good as the mind that creates the words. ”

On-Site Freelance: One Part Skill, Two Parts Hustle

Regardless of how you got the gig or what the company told you their reasons for needing a freelancer were, there is often a backstory that was conveniently not mentioned. Are you covering the workload of someone twice your senior? Did they just fire someone? Are they defending a key account? Is the agency using freelancers on a revolving door basis to keep health-care costs down? As a pure freelancer, as long as they pay you on time, the reasons don’t matter much.

Time For Web Designers To Get SASSy

I don’t mean Saas (software as a service) I mean SASS (Sentatically Awesome Style Sheets) If you are holding out clinging to your photoshop or fireworks comps for web design your time is coming to a close. If you are serious about designing for the web it’s time to get SASSy.

Keeping Financially Afloat After a Layoff

Major companies said goodbye to workers via layoffs during 2013. Corporations like Boeing, Cisco Systems, and many others sent people home en masse. Even smaller companies had to hand out the pink slips to their workers even though they didn't garner as much attention as the big names.

6 Reasons Generalists are More Important Than Specialists

I’m good at a lot of things, but I’m not expert at any. And that probably sounds like a bad thing in today’s day and age. More and more, the business world seems to be ruled by expertise. Subject-matter experts. Vertical specialists. Domain authorities. Companies wage wars for sought-after technical mavens and so-called gurus. To advance in one’s career these days, one should naturally specialize. The days of the generalist are over, right?