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The Lost Art of Writing and Its Impact on Public Relations

We've all been writing from an early age, starting with thick pencils and writing tablets that later gave way to word processors and computers. But as technology has made the mechanical process of writing much easier, something entirely different has happened to writing itself.

Listen to Consumers; Don’t Control Them

Some companies think they are in control of the brand that you are trying to communicate. Some marketing individuals, particularly those heavy into social media, say the consumer is in control of what a brand is. What do you think? Do companies or consumers have control over a company’s brand?

Managing a Crisis Into a Better Career

In any crisis, there are casualties. Externally, there are the direct victims whose lives are impacted by a specific disaster. Then there are the organizational victims—

Educate Your Market Before Entering It

How do you sell into a market that is not yet established? This is one of several dilemmas that emerging companies face as they create the next new thing. Marketing skills have been honed on creating new products for established markets and marketing established products to new markets. Increasingly, product development is about creating markets where customers don’t yet realize they have a need.

Freelancing: If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

If you do a lot of freelance creative work, you might wonder what set you on the freelance path in the first place. In the old jobs-a-plenty economy, the answer might have been creative freedom, or indecision about how you wanted to spend your future and who you wanted to spend it with — the old failure-to-commit problem. Or perhaps you were just using the freelance life as a way of getting your foot in the door when you were just out of school or in the midst of a career change.