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Advertising Isn’t Business. It’s War.

If it’s a hard-hitting ad, it’s not necessarily killer. And ads with copy consisting of mostly bullets don’t tend to be killers.

The Etiquette of the Creative Interview

Interviews for a creative position are usually much different than for any other type of job. Wearing a suit is not a good idea. Discussing your love of Swedish cinema with the creative director is not out of the realm of possibility. However, don't let the relaxed attitude fool you into thinking that anything goes because it's still a job interview.

Clever or Clear — Today’s Copywriters Don’t Have a Choice

More often we’re seeing our work on small screens that feature less space and thus require quicker thoughts. Many copywriters focus more on crafting ideas or content which don’t involve lots of conventional writing.

To Inc or Not To Inc?

If you are a freelancer or a 1099 contractor, you can work under your own name and social security number, under a DBA, or you can choose a more official type of legal business entity to operate under. Since there are both legal and tax implications attached to each entity, it is best to get your lawyer, financial advisor, and/or accountant involved in the decision-making process.

Are You Selective When You Sell Yourself?

Be honest. Does every piece of work you've ever done really represent your very best? What you show the world should be a highly curated selection of your absolute finest accomplishments. There’s no room on your resume, on your website, or in your portfolio for work that's "meh."