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Networking Tips for Introverts

Some people are simply born for networking. They're able to connect with others in various contexts, keep the conversation going, and have the courage to talk to people they don't know. If you're an introvert and all of the above scares you, welcome aboard! Introverts usually find it very hard to delve into the reality of networking, which in essence means creating and nurturing new relationships. Don’t worry though — here are some tips on networking tailored specifically to the needs of introverted characters.

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

Robert was at a crossroads. After four years at the same company, he needed a change. But not just a job change — a career change. He had joined the company right after college, was making a great living in sales, came and went as he pleased, and his managers adored him. But he despised cold calling, and he had no passion for the products he was selling

3 Steps to a Better Online Reputation

Online reputation management is a growing field as both businesses and individuals realize that one bad search engine result can haunt them for years. For businesses, “branding” has taken on all new meaning in recent years, with traditional print advertising making way for social media and search engine marketing.

A Labor Day Celebration of Work Ethic

Best of TZM: Originally titling this piece "What I Look for in a Candidate," the author wrote "I’ve always said I’d much rather hire someone who worked her way through city college... than someone handed an Ivy league education..."

4 Personal Branding Habits of Highly Successful People

Why are some people successful while other talented people fall short? Desire and talent are always the main ingredients for achievement. However, highly successful people stand out not so much because of what they know or even who they know, but because of how they brand themselves.