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Talent Zoo takes our customers' satisfaction seriously and wants you to be happy with the services we provide.

  • If you aren't satisfied with the response your job posting receives, Talent Zoo will work with you to increase its exposure.
  • If any employer or jobseeker is not satisfied with one of Talent Zoo's services, we will find a way to resolve the situation.

Our Quality Promise

  • Our job board contains no duplicate jobs. Each job posting appears only once.
  • The total number of jobs listed on the board is accurate and never falsely inflated.
  • All jobs are posted from a respectable employer or staffing firm.
  • Shady pyramid-scheme jobs are not welcome on our job board.
  • Only jobs for the communications industry are permitted on the job board.
  • We will try to help you save money & time. Not sell you things you don't need.

To post jobs or learn more contact us.

Community Watch

If you feel a job posting, employer, or professional is suspect, or if you have suggestions to improve the job board, please contact us.