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November 7, 2017
Why Your Resume Is Like a Burger
Nothing gets your foot through a recruiter’s door like an intriguing CV. Here are some simple rules that you can follow to achieve a coherent and effective resume.

A resume is made up of many different layers, not unlike a burger. It needs to have a "bun," or strong foundation to start with that gets the point across of who you are and where you want to go. This is the first thing the recruiter sees, and either encourages them to look further or put it in the "no" pile with the rest. The layout and formatting is like the glue holding the piece together, making it pleasant to view and encouraging the recruiter to read on. Without a solid foundation, the whole thing is a mess.

The "sauce" of the resume is where you can list all of your previous achievements and give it some added flavor. Here, you talk about all the great things you’ve done in the past that have given you valuable experience to take with you into the future.

A burger without cheese lacks that "ooze" factor. Similarly, a resume with spelling and grammar errors oozes — for all the wrong reasons. An error-free resume shows that you pay attention to detail and took the time to check things over. Be sure to review the text twice and ask someone else to read it over in case there’s something you missed.

The juicy "meat" is the substantial part that gives the recruiter some key areas to focus on when assessing your suitability for the position. This is the most important section, so make sure to choose words and phrases carefully, including relevant information and key points that will be useful for the job.

Remember to keep things fresh and updated, in much the same way that tomato adds that refreshing bite to your burger. You don’t want to include too much past information that may not be relevant or align with your current career aspirations. Keep it simple and clear, and choose words wisely.

The "crisp lettuce" is what ties everything together, creating a balance between showing your greatest assets and talents while still communicating that you can grow and learn new things. Your combined experiences and skills should tell employers that you are flexible in adapting to new possibilities.

Keep in mind that recruiters value honesty, so don’t try to oversell yourself. Let your achievements do the talking and keep the rest short, simple, and professional. 

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Kelly Smith is a dedicated tutor and writer. Currently, she develops her passion at Career FAQs, one of the leading providers of career and educational resources in Australia, where she provides career advice for students and job seekers.

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