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December 20, 2011
Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

My marketing isn’t working and I don’t know why. That is the single most popular statement business owners make to us. 

Our answer is equally simple: You don’t have a marketing strategy. 

You jumped right to the tactics. You have a website. You might have sales people talking to prospects. You probably have a brochure. But do you have a clear marketing strategy? Even if it's written on a napkin? Only 10% of business owners do. 

If you want to start the right way, consider these questions as part of your strategic planning process. 

1. What are the company’s revenue goals over the next 12–18 months?
2. Who is the exact target audience that will purchase your product or service?
3. What pains and problems does this target market have when they purchase products or services like yours?
4. What solutions does your company provide to cure those pains?
5. How are those solutions remarkable enough to start a buzz and set you apart from the competition?

These simple questions are what make up a basic marketing strategy. The answers drive all the marketing tactics in a concise and effective manner.

Strategy before tactics is a must when it comes to crafting an effective sales and marketing effort.

Most businesses try a single marketing tactic like search engine optimization. It might work for a couple of months, but eventually you can’t sustain it. You might build a new website, or try email marketing, maybe even buy a few spots on local radio…but in the end the result is always the same. Disappointment, frustration, and no idea what to do next. 

Marketing doesn’t work like this. One plus one equals three in marketing. You need a collection of well-thought-out, well-organized, synchronized marketing tactics all working together to drive results. We call that a Marketing Machine™. Without one, you are wasting your money.

Today, buyer behavior makes it even harder to create the perfect Marketing Machine™. Interruptive tactics like TV, radio, and print advertising don’t work anymore. When was the last time you watched a commercial during your favorite TV show? If you are like most, you fast forward right past it. Someone actually paid for that spot. More wasted money. 
Your Marketing Machine™ has to support the new buyer behavior. Today people are more educated than in the past and less interested in being sold to. They have already researched your business and just want help making a good purchase decision. Marketing has to support their desire. It has to educate, advise, counsel, and coach the buyer with tons of educational content, with videos, white papers, tip sheets, webinars, guides, and articles contributing to the conversation. 

This approach ties perfectly into the neuroscience associated with purchasing behavior. After all, people won’t make purchase decisions unless their pain is acute and they feel like the purchase is safe. That’s why the traditional salesperson is dead. No one wants or needs to be sold to anymore. We need guides — people who take the time to understand us and then help us make a good decision. Giving prospects information gets them to know, like, and trust you. It helps them feel safe, and it connects them to your company, product, or service.  It is a whole new ball game, people, and you have to change your strategy to win.

If you want to learn how to create a Reality Marketing™ Strategy for your company and start building your own Marketing Machine™, click here to download our eBook, Strategy Before Tactics — a Guide for Entrepreneurs.

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Mike Lieberman is Co-Founder and President of Square 2 Marketing. He created Reality Marketing™ and the concept of a Marketing Machine™ to help companies transform their invisible and boring businesses into extraordinary and remarkable revenue generating machines. Mike writes the popular Remarkablog and is co-author of Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today.  Email Mike at mike@square2marketing.com or follow him on Twitter @Mike2Marketing.
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