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September 6, 2016
Why Won't Apple Fix The iPhone's One Huge Design Flaw?
Next week, Apple will unveil the iPhone 7. And of all the new hardware upgrades it will likely receive, rumor has it that the design fix the iPhone has needed the most for nearly a decade won’t be referenced on stage at all.

The iPhone will still have a glass screen that will shatter if you drop it wrong. And sooner or later, millions of us will drop it wrong.

Since the first iPhone was released nine years ago, Apple’s smartphone has received myriad upgrades: 3G data chips, then 4G data chips, a Retina display, an HD camera, a backlit HD camera, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and a 3D touch sensor that measures how hard you push. A magnetometer measures the Earth’s magnetic field to point you in the right direction, and a gyroscopic sensor can measure the device’s pitch, roll, and yaw.


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