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March 27, 2013
Why Every Candidate Can Guest Blog to Improve Online Visibility
Online visibility is incredibly important in every industry for both a company as well as a personal brand. Google is quickly beginning to focus more and more on the quality content found on the web, and guest posting is a great way to help you show Google some of the quality content that you or your company can create. In other words, the sooner you start, the better chance you have of becoming Google-successful. Future employers are going to be searching for you on Google and looking at the kind of brand you’ve created for yourself, so this becomes more important than ever when you’re looking for a job.

What Is Guest Posting?
Guest posting is all about visibility and link building through quality content. In fact, this post that you are reading is a guest post. As you can see on the side of the page, you can see my picture as well as links pointing back to my company website. This is beneficial for those two main reasons:

Link Building. Link building overlaps quite a bit with visibility. If you build links back to, say, your blog by guest posting on many different sites across the web, the chances that your blog will show up in a Google search are heightened. There is quite a bit more that goes into this process, but people do this type of link building for this exact reason. The more links you can have in your author bio pointing back to a certain website, the better chance that someone will find that website on a Google search because your entry will show up on (hopefully) page one.

Visibility. Aside from just the visibility of a Google search page, anyone who comes across this page organically (typed in “Talent Zoo” or clicked a link found elsewhere) will be able to see my face and my content.

If you are not working for a company, linking back to your social profiles and/or your blog when guest posting is still going to be very beneficial. It may not help you gain too much in the way of link building unless you’re linking back to your blog, but it will help people (future employers, perhaps?) find you online.

Why Guest Posting Is Important for Hopeful Employees
Guest posting has several benefits that look great to employers:
  • It shows that you can write great content.
  • The subjects of your content will likely show that you are knowledgeable in your field.
  • It shows that you understand how Google works and you understand the importance of personal branding.
  • It shows you can talk with editors and use your connections to help improve your brand.
  • Social media sharing is important in almost any career, and guest posting is a huge part of this new phenomenon.
  • This is a newer practice, so it shows that you are up on the latest trends.
How Anyone in Any Industry Can Get Started Guest Posting Immediately
Getting started guest posting is incredibly easy. All you need to do is find a great blog that accepts guest posts. You can usually look for a “guest post” or “write for us” tab, or simply contact the editor of the blog related to your niche. Tell the editor who you are in your message and some ideas for possible guest posts. It’s as simple as that! It may take a while to get editors to agree to publish your article, but it should work like a domino effect. Once you publish a few, you’ll have a portfolio of articles ready to show off.

You can learn more advanced ways of guest posting such as keyword research and Google analytics here.

Did guest blogging ever help you get a job? Are you an employer that likes to see candidates with a good guest blogging portfolio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger at Highervisibility, nationally recognized as one of the best SEO companies in the country. Connect with HigherVisibility on Google+ and Twitter to learn more!
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