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November 28, 2012
Why English Majors Should Create a Blogging Resume
Most industries are composed of several different positions and job descriptions, and so hopeful employees often spend their time creating several different resumes. When you’re a new graduate, you usually don’t yet have the experience for any one particular job, and so you get to spend your time trying different positions and seeing where you fit in best. As an English education major, I realized that even in an industry as specific as teaching I had different options. A big reason I am a writer today is because I created a resume to become a blogger.

However, in my case, it seems that I got lucky. Watching my friends graduate with a degree, I realized that it wasn’t always so easy to discover jobs that exist in online marketing. Online marketing seems like a very well-known field in the business world, but it isn’t quite as talked about when walking around a college campus.

Different Resumes English Majors Can Create

Those who major in marketing are often thrown into an online marketing position, and those who major in English have the opportunity to get involved with content production in most major companies. In either case, it helps to know the skills you might need to get an entry-level job in this up-and-coming industry. A few of these skills include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This isn’t something that is taught in many college courses, but it is a huge part of marketing. While web designers may learn a thing or two about optimization for Google’s search engine as well as users, companies often put the marketing department in charge. Believe it or not, this is a full-time job, and for many companies SEO is an entire department.

Blogs to Read: Try to teach yourself about Meta data and Google algorithms by reading blogs such as Search Engine Journal, SEOMoz, and Search Engine Watch.

Website Design. SEO actually works closely with website design. Web design isn’t usually something that someone in an online marketing department can do, but it’s something that they will likely dictate. This makes it important to know the basics of web design in relation to SEO when working online, and it is something that will come with practice and time.

Blogs to Read: Stunning Mesh and Web Design Shock are two great websites that talk about web design for those who aren’t necessarily designers themselves — perfect for the marketing employees.  

Pay Per Click (PPC). The reason that English majors often do well in online marketing is because it involves creativity with words (in this case, keywords). PPC is all about bidding on different keywords when working with Google AdSense. The job does involve a lot of analysis and a lot of numbers, but it’s something that good writers tend to pick up quite easily.

Blogs to Read: PPC.org and SEMgeek seem to do a great job focusing on PPC alone. In many businesses, those who work with PPC do not work with SEO and vice versa, but it is possible to find crossover in smaller businesses.

Guest Blogger. This is where the English degree will really come into play (and I can speak from experience). SEO departments are becoming more and more willing to hire full-time writers to guest post on different websites across the web in order to earn links back to their website. This will help their website rank on a Google search engine results page (SERP).

Blogs to Read: We Blog Better, BloggingPro, and Successful Blog are some of my favorite blogs about blogging. I am a contributor on these blogs and always feel they have top-notch information. If these aren’t your cup of tea, there are many others to choose from!

Social Media Marketing. This is, again, not something that is generally taught in schools. If you could major in social media, everyone would want the job. The truth is that although you cannot major in social media, there are many jobs out there looking for people who can manage a social media account. This is different than simply knowing how to use social media sites, so it’s important to research how it pertains to a small business.

Blogs to Read: Social Media Today, Socialnomics, and Get Busy Media are some of my favorite sites for social media help. 

Knowing that these professions are out there and available will help new graduates know where to research and what types of resumes to create. Because online marketing is such a new industry, businesses are often wiling to hire someone young, and having a resume set to go will certainly help your chances.

Are you a recent graduate that ended up involved in online marketing? An employer looking to see more young people with online marketing understanding? Let us know your thoughts about the subject in the comments below!

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger at Highervisibility, nationally recognized as one of the best SEO companies in the country. Connect with HigherVisibility on Google+ and Twitter to learn more!
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