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March 4, 2019
What Kind of Job Should You Have?

Ask Yourself These Questions to Determine What Kind of Job You Should Have


Jobvite’s 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study found that 82 percent of workers surveyed are open to new job opportunities. However, it’s difficult for professionals to identify what kind of job they want. One of the most-Googled questions last year was “what kind of job should I have?” It’s clear that it is challenging to identify career direction, but the following questions are designed to help you answer that question to make your job search more effective and rewarding.


What is something you would love to do? This goes beyond just thinking about jobs you are currently qualified for. Tap into your childhood dreams and your passions; be creative! Don’t be afraid to dream big and write down everything that comes to mind. You can get practical later, but this exercise allows you to identify themes and discover a job opportunity that you had never considered before.


What fulfills you? When considering a job change, it’s important to consider the big picture to avoid taking another job that you dislike. This goes beyond just thinking about a salary or certain schedule. We recommend identifying what is fulfilling for you. This is essentially what gives you a sense of accomplishment. To determine what is fulfillment for you, think about your values. If you’re not sure what your values are, here are a few easy exercises that we recommend to all of our clients who need help identifying their values:

  • Think about a peak experience in life and write down what about it made you feel happy and successful.

  • Write down what irritates you and what would be the contrast of that quality or situation.

  • Think about things that are essential to your life and jot those down as well.


Keep in mind that your values can change over time, so make sure you reevaluate your values periodically.


What comes naturally to you? This question has to do with identifying your natural abilities, things that you do better than anyone else you know.  It’s a fact that when we use our natural abilities at work this provides greater job satisfaction. Make a list of the things that make you unique, things that come naturally to you. If you need help, ask a trusted friend or family member. You may be surprised at what they tell you. Write everything down because this will help you identify job possibilities that you hadn’t previously considered.


These questions will help you be in a better position to determine what kind of job you should have and what kinds of jobs you should apply for during your job search.


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Guest Blogger Hallie Crawford is a certified career coach and founder of HallieCrawford.com. Her team of coaches help people find their dream job and make it a reality. She is regularly featured as an expert in the media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and US News & World Report. Visit her website at www.HallieCrawford.com for more information about her team's career coaching services. Set up a Complimentary Career Strategy Session with Hallie Crawford to get advice on your career goals. *Mention you saw us on Talent Zoo and receive a free bonus if you purchase a product or sign up for coaching.* http://www.HallieCrawford.com
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