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February 2, 2016
What Do Great Marketing Campaigns Have In Common?
Over the past year at our agency, we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients and brands. The marketing campaigns we created included: prescription drug abuse prevention, image-building for a public utility, driving demand for naloxone, home healthcare, credit unions, a crisis hotline, college savings plans, health insurance, and more. Each of these brands required that we develop a customized marketing program. That is the beauty of working for an agency — no day is ever the same.

It’s not easy to switch gears between so many different types of projects, but this challenge makes the work that much more rewarding. Creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns for such a wide variety of clients is a lot like playing tennis. You have to rely on the fundamental skills required of the sport, but adjust your strategic game based on the other player’s skill set. Great marketers depend on an essential base set of skills, but are able to adapt these fundamentals to each new assignment.

At Esparza, we are keenly focused on getting desired ATTENTION for our clients. This emphasis on one key driver behind all of work allows us to create unique solutions for each campaign, but also maintain constancy in all of our work. We always ask ourselves these questions as we are crafting each new marketing strategy:
  1. What is the one thing by which we will measure our success?
  2. Who is the person that we need to reach with our message in order to meet our goal?
  3. How should the brand be perceived by this person?
  4. Which tactics will best reach this person and carry the brand message properly?
  5. Is the work arresting, relevant, engaging, compelling, newsworthy, and measurable?
The answers to each of the first four five questions will be different for every single project. The answer to number five should always be “yes”. However, by asking ourselves this same set of questions for each project, we are able to maintain a high level of consistency in our work. So the next time you set out to embark on developing a new marketing campaign for your brand, ask yourself these five questions. Or better yet, evaluate your existing campaign to see how it measures up on these criteria.

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Emily K. Howarda marketing strategist since 1997, developed her skills at some of the country’s top marketing firms including DDB Worldwide, while working on brands like American Airlines, Pepsi, Bloomberg and Merck. Now as Vice President of Esparza, Emily’s integrated communications approach helps clients find order in marketing chaos. She’d love to hear from you and can be found on LinkedIn or @ekhoward on Twitter.
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