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October 22, 2012
What Big Bird Knows About Inbound Marketing
Big Bird made headlines worldwide when he was mentioned at a recent presidential debate. It seemed like a good time to recognize Big Bird for his abilities as a premier inbound marketer.
Big Bird tweets. In fact, he is a master tweeter. He tweets multiple times a day, and if you are considering practicing inbound marketing, then tweeting has to be part of your daily practice as well.

It’s not enough to simply push out tweets on a regular basis. To truly be an inbound marketing master like Big Bird, you need to engage your followers in a conversation. Big Bird is constantly tweeting about his friends from the block and encouraging others to join in.
Big Bird collects content. Just like he collects items for his nest, he also collects relevant educational content that his friends, followers, and connections might be interested in.
One of the most important lessons that Big Bird teaches us is that educational content doesn’t always have to be original and, if you find something fantastic that someone else created, it’s still going to be helpful in getting your word out to the world.
Big Bird loves to share. After he has collected educational content, Big Bird now spends some of his day sharing that content with all of his friends across all his social networks. He posts it around his virtual neighborhoods so that his friends, followers, and connections are able to view, read, and enjoy some of the content he found interesting.
Big Bird knows the importance of practice. To get really good at something new (like inbound marketing) you have to practice. When it comes to inbound marketing, Big Bird practices every single day. He does a little in the morning and then again around lunch. He finishes his day with some inbound marketing activities, too. This helps him develop good habits and he gets better each day. After all, practice makes perfect.
Big Bird loves to learn. Since inbound marketing is still a relatively new thing, it requires some new or different skills than you might have perfected in the past. Big Bird knows that having someone to teach you these new skills is important and having someone to look over your shoulder while you practice these new skills helps you get better, faster.
Big Bird spends some of his day with people who teach him new lessons so that he is always improving as an inbound marketer. You need to have a person you can turn to when you get stuck with your inbound marketing.
Finally, Big Bird is one of the nicest, seven-foot, yellow birds around. Inbound marketers are part of a community that treats prospects with respect by educating, advising, coaching, and counseling them.

By using inbound marketing techniques, you demonstrate that you want to give people the information they need to make a strong purchase decision. More importantly, inbound marketing shows them you aren’t interested in hard-selling or pushing them into making a decision. You’re just there to help.
Take a few lessons from Big Bird before you start your next inbound marketing campaign; for some fun check out Big Bird's Facebook page.
To learn more about how you can use inbound marketing to drive leads for your business, click here to download our Free Report, How Inbound Marketing Trumps Outbound Advertising.

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