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May 29, 2015
Want to Work in Your Pajamas?
Does getting out of bed, making coffee, and showing up to your computer sound like the perfect commute?

Telecommuting is becoming more common, with employers realizing its money-saving potential and the popularity of telecommuting with workers.

The number of jobs you can do mostly at home in your pajamas is wider than you might think, with a whole range of careers lending themselves well to the work-from-home option, especially in the creative fields.

So what are some of the jobs you can do from home? And how can you go about getting one?

Work from the Comfort of Your Computer

If you fancy ditching the 9-to-5 and working from home, there are plenty of career options available in the advertising, marketing, PR, design and digital fields, including, sometimes, jobs that can serve as stepping stones to more creative positions in the field.

Client services. Many creative firms and digital companies may turn to telecommuting as a cost-effective way of meeting some of the more logistical and administrative aspects of a client's needs. All you need to make this scenario work is a telephone, an Internet connection, and a professional, helpful manner.

Writing. It might take you a long time to make a living writing best-selling novels in your fuzzy slippers, but there are other writing options that make good telecommuting careers. Content creation, copywriting and editing can all be done from home.

SEO and Web Marketing. If this is your area of expertise, the home office can be a perfect place to research, strategize, analyze, and work your magic.

PR. This specialty, of course, involves lots of networking in addition to researching the perfect vehicles for promoting client content. Then there is the writing aspect of PR, which always works well in solitude.

Web and Graphic Design. If you've got the skills, web and graphic design and web page development can all be done easily from home. Briefs can be provided by phone or email, conferences held remotely, and work delivered via the internet;

IT. Companies in the digital arena need techies, from computer systems analysts to software developers to website and script programmers. All of this type of work can easily be done without presence at the physical location of the company.

Ideas. Creatives who spend time coming up with marketing campaigns and advertising slogans can brainstorm via Skype and private chats, and then spend time working out those ideas without the distractions that come with typical office life.

How to Find That Telecommuting Job

By now you're probably thinking that this all sounds really appealing, but where do you start looking for jobs that you could do in your pajamas?

Some jobs are openly advertised as telecommuting jobs; others, you might find it's worth sounding out the company for how they feel about telecommuting. If you're searching for that telecommuting job, try:

Asking your current employer. If your job is well suited to telecommuting, it's worth sounding out your current employer about work-from-home opportunities. Be sure to present a good case as to why this is the best option for them, and discuss how you will show your productivity so they're not worried about you going fishing instead of working.

Checking out job sites and job boards, starting, of course, with Talent Zoo.

Embracing your network. Keep your ear to the ground in your network. Not only will you increase your chances of hearing about telecommuting jobs, you may even garner a referral for a telecommuting position.

Looking for telecommuting-friendly companies and listings. This is as simple as doing some research and scanning through job ads with an eye to finding something that matches your needs.

Starting a conversation. If a company you are interested in doesn't have a clear telecommuting policy, ask. Don't be afraid to pitch telecommuting to them. While it's true that companies are more likely to offer telecommuting to established employees, if you can show how telecommuting will benefit them and how well your skills match it, you just might persuade them.

Working from home is an attractive prospect, but remember, it can be a win-win as well, with employers saving big time on office expenses.

When searching for your ideal telecommuting job, keep a sense of realism; most jobs will require meetings or some face-to-face contact with clients or colleagues. You're not looking to be a hermit. But you are opening yourself to the possibility of many productive days spent doing what you do best while wearing your PJs, if you so desire.

There's never been a better time to telecommute, so start your journey today and say goodbye to the commute.

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