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February 23, 2010
Vital Web Feedback from Google Analytics

Thomas McMahon and Adam Singer provide two invaluable posts via the Online Marketing Blog on using Google's free Web Analytics to monitor where your Web site traffic comes from and where it travels on your site. For focused and effective, Web-based PR, regular use of analytics is vital.

Your might think you have an attractive site, but what sort of traffic is it drawing?

Sometimes we become so enamored of our Web creations, or those that someone else did for us, that we don't take the next step: measuring their effectiveness. You don't have to be a Web guru to do that. 

Analytics, Tom McMahon notes, can help you determine your unique visitors, traffic sources, referring keywords, top (most visited) site content, and referring sites. It can also enable you to track specific campaigns to a give page or conversion opportunity. There's more. 

"Web analytics," McMahon says, "can be overwhelming as there is a lot of information to be analyzed and then decisions that need to be made from that data. Instead of trying to jump in and consume it all, take it one step at a time."

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