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October 11, 2011
Using Video to Grow Your Business
 The business world becomes more and more competitive with each passing day, and companies must always try to stay ahead of the game. The traditional forms of advertising are fine for some, but those who really want to gain that competitive edge are quickly moving towards corporate online video production, or website video advertising, as an effective marketing tactic. A business-to-business website video production adds a personal connection to the message of a company, making it much more effective and educational for the prospective customer.
When a company is researching video production companies, they should look for a company that focuses only on business-to-business online sales and marketing corporate videos. A corporate online video production services company will take the time to understand a company’s vision and marketing objectives and build a firm shot list and plan before they ever begin filming the project. 
An ROI-focused video production service company will help you to decide exactly what type of online marketing video would best fit your target audience. They typically choose between video marketing for a product or a corporate sales and marketing video to catch a viewer’s attention and drive a specific action. An website advertising video for a product can be used to promote a particular product’s benefits or features, while a business-to-business online video production overview will give potential clients a broad idea of what the company is all about.
One reason that so many companies feel they find much success with their website video advertising services company is that they let clients connect personally, with a face that will deliver the services they receive. A customer is far more likely to be comfortable with a business relationship when they feel like they know the people with which they are working. Business online marketing videos can incorporate interviews with several different employees, making even the largest of companies seem accessible to its clients.
Another benefit of these corporate online video productions is that they can provide a behind-the-scenes look at facilities that are normally off-limits to clients. For example, a NY metal shop may be too dangerous for visits from clients or too far away for a customer in South NJ to visit, but they can get many valuable insights at what goes on through a web video. This allows customers to get a visual for the quality of the work and develop questions for the company to answer before they transact business.
In a time when companies need to be smarter with their marketing dollars, it can be difficult to determine the best way to really make an impression. Many companies will turn to a professional website video production services company that also has a skill set in online marketing to promote and distribute the website videos. When planned for and budgeted properly, business-to-business online marketing with videos is among the best promotional tools available because it puts a visual with words. This is a technique that any business should try if it wants to separate itself from its competitors.
For examples, stats and figures about how Internet video marketing can drive sales results, visit http://www.nyccorporatevideoproduction.com.

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Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital Productions, has over 13 years in internet marketing and sales processes. Because of online video’s ability to captivate potential clients, Robert's vision is to help clients use online video to gain more qualified leads and paying customers. Marketing with online video has quickly become the "must-have" advertising, marketing, and communications tool for small businesses and corporate giants.
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