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June 22, 2010
Using 'Heart Marketing' to Drive Business
The best ads, the best campaigns, touch our hearts. They make us scared, they make us angry, and they make tears well up in our eyes. These masterpieces stay with us for years, creating loyalty to a brand and driving buying decisions we don’t question. This article is the second in a series that focuses on heart marketing. The last, on fear marketing, looked at how panic is used in some advertising campaigns.

A Diamond Is Forever

Nothing brings tears to your eyes and makes you want to rush out and buy like a diamond ad. Every year at special times, we struggle to come up with what to buy our lovers, our moms and dads, and our kids, and you can never go wrong with a diamond, especially when you get spurred into acting by something like this:


When you think of communication, you think phones, right? Well, with this ad, Nokia hopes that when you think of connection and love, you’ll think of Nokia:

Life Savers

This one is more of a compilation of short interactions that allow anyone to connect with at least one situation pictured. Personally, they get me at the guitar performance.


Then there’s Google’s beautiful Super Bowl ad:

Advertising is both an art and a science. While we have to know how to make sure our brand is well represented (note the Lifesavers ad above), we also have to get your attention quickly, and fully, and with a 30 second TV spot, that’s not easy. The best ads cause us to stop, to pay attention, and to act. 

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Robyn Tippins is a community advocate with more than 10 years in the social media space. She oversees the community aspect of the external developers on the Yahoo! Developer Network. Robyn has blogged for blog networks and corporations, podcasted for small and large businesses, worked closely with social networking sites, and advised Fortune 500 companies on social media and community. Her book, co-authored with Miranda Marquit, “Building Communities,” will be released in 2010. Read her blog.

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