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November 25, 2008
Trust Yourself and Enjoy the Pay Off
Let’s face it; times are tough for many people right now. With an uncertain economy and job security on the line, the one thing on the minds of many Americans right now is MONEY. How much do I have? Have left? Do I need? Do I want? Where is it going to come from? Okay…you get my point.
I realize that our emotions can be a powerful force and by all means I do NOT mean to minimize the economic reality, but I invite you to ask yourself, “What if money wasn’t really the concern when it comes to having something better or different or simply want something YOU SEE that could make you and your life better?” Would you take a step forward or settle on where you are?
We all know that the unknown can be scary. Come on, let’s face it, it’s only natural to fear what we don’t know. But as I express to all my clients – the unknown is where life happens. It IS the place where we get to experience ourselves and our lives in ways we didn’t expect or anticipate.
Okay, so you are asking yourself, “That’s a great share Josh, now get to the point.” Gotcha, so here is the point. Ready…?
What if I told you that when you are having a negative conversation about Money that is disempowering when it pertains to something you want or desire in life, that it’s NOT about money at all? Consider it’s about TRUST. You got it, trust around your personal reliability to make a commitment to YOURSELF. Think about it, money is a perfect excuse to keep you safe, right and ultimately inside of a conversation that isn’t getting you what you want.
I know… I know… you are saying to yourself, “Josh is crazy. He must be rich because he has no idea what he is talking about.” Well, I hate to break it to you but you are right.
I am rich, rich in TRUST. I trust myself to follow through, see something to the end and do what’s necessary to have my goals come to fruition.
As a Certified Executive and Personal Coach I spend the majority of my time doing one of two things; the first is speaking and the second, and at times more effective, is listening. Listening not only for what is being said but also for what’s not being said. One of the most effective things I continue to do for my clients and anyone I speak with is to gently reflect back to them what they said and what I heard. We are not always aware if what we are saying is heard as we meant it to be. Repeating what is said helps to give person clarity. It allows to confirm or question if they meant what they said.
My role as a coach is to help guide that person to see where the opportunity for something different lies. I want to share with you an example of what I am talking about. I encountered this with potential client last week where they were enrolled in working together but there was still a negative conversation around money. I asked them the following:
“If you knew that working together would provide you the support you need now in moving forward and creating a fuller life, would you do it?” She said, “Yes, of course.”
“I mentioned that thousands of people use coaches everyday to move them forward in life and in this particular case she was referred to me from her friend / co-worker and a client of mine, so you know it’s possible right?” “Yes she said.”
“Well then I guess the real question is whether you are reliable? Do you say putting the money down on you is a good investment?” She got this. Like, oh, I’m really grappling with whether I TRUST myself here. I pointed out how perfect it was that one of the areas she wanted to work on together was her self-confidence. Confidence is choice, it’s really about the courage to declare herself TRUSTWORTHY.
So the next time you are speaking to a potential client or find yourself faced with making a commitment to yourself and/or your business…ask yourself,
“What’s your self-WORTH?”

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Joshua Miller was a senior creative executive for over twelve years. He has worked in challenging creative environments in a variety of industries with a wide range of professionals. Currently, he is an executive and personal life coach and CEO/founder of myinstantCOACH.com.


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