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October 13, 2017
Top 5 Ads of the Week

One of the hallmarks of a good ad is how it can create, seemingly out of thin air, an emotional connection between you and the brand. Certain products or brands rely on legacy, your shared history, while the challenge for newer players is to find a way past all our cynicism and reluctance, not to mention the “Skip Ad” button, to grab our attention and win us over. It is no easy task. You know what helps, though? The most adorable stuffed panda bear ever created. Onward!


What: The location service company Tile’s first-ever brand ad.

Who: Tile, Deutsch

Why we care: Did you even look into that little toy bear’s eyes? Are you blind to the tiny sweater vest? Inspired by a real-life customer story in which a little girl lost her favorite stuffed toy then found it with Tile’s help, the spot immediately draws an emotional connection between the product and your life. Tile CMO Simo Fleming-Wood told me the challenge was to strike a balance between an emotional pull to capture consumers’ attention while also effectively communicating how Tile works. Job done.



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