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June 5, 2007
Time to Work: My Motto for June

Laziness is not only when you don’t show up for work and hang on the couch. It’s also found in the language we use (“Sounds good” is just stupid). I also am starting to fully become bewildered by those people who use speaker phone or Sprint Nextel Walkie Talkies to have complete conversations in airplane lounges, just because they are too cheap to buy a headset or don’t want an ear to be too hot. Please.

Which brings me to a long-sought-for lesson.

And a painful one at that.

Which is why it’s short.

Not because I’m a lazy-ass momma.

Everybody look around. You've got a whole month until the next 4-day weekend. What's that mean? Let’s get to work! Have you noticed just how much people do little (yes I get the bad grammar) when it is close by a vacation period on both ends?

The month of June is not too hot and nowhere near as frigid as winter. There’s no shower mania like April…and crap, the rosebuds have already bloomed.

I want to take this opportunity to remind those of us who actually work for a living that there is no time like the present to stop volleying the emails back and forth (yes you, okay you’re popular, who gives a fuck?)…and do what Comcast main dude Brian Roberts once said to a much-confused friend of mine.

Friend: “How are you so darn successful?” [Roberts appears to be pretty slick.]

Roberts: ["Ah," he says with a twinkle; he’s super glad you asked.] “On those days when I am not into work, and I could just respond to emails all day, that’s when I make myself get on the phone.”


To paraphrase Rodney King: Can’t we all just learn to work?

And about that proverbial water cooler: get away from that thing and buy some Dasani. You want Coke’s several billion-dollar risky purchase of Glaceau’s Vitamin Water to be for naught?

Now that I’ve thrust this all off my chest, let me end with some advice—or a bit more from our files:

In the RLM office, we’ve noticed that people more than ever are wishing and hoping that their tiny boo-boos became someone else’s problem. That is, when they write “there” instead of “their” or “its” rather than “it’s” or use “less” when it(‘s) “fewer” [Hey, Chris Rock’s Mom has a new book coming out titled How to Raise 10 (or Less) Talented Children, ha!).

But life is about ATD. Attention to detail is the only way to make it in this completely gibberish-filled industry. Surely someone once told you what my dad said to me as a wee bitchy kid: “You are where it ends. Don’t believe anyone is going to cover up your mistakes or make it better for you.”

Where does the buck officially stop? At you, bucko.

Don’t depend on spell check. Or your supervisor. Or the guy in the next cube who is nice enough to show you how you keep making the same mistake over and over, but he can see you don’t want to learn anything new.

Uh. Yeah, thanks, Dad! At least I think it was he who said it.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Happy June. See you in a few short weeks.

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Richard Laermer is CEO of New York's RLM pr, representing, among others, e-Miles, Epic Advertising, Yodlee, Revolution Money, Group Commerce, Smith & Nephew, and HotChalk. He was host of TLC's cult program Taking Care of Business and speaks on trends and marketing for corporate groups. You can read Laermer on The Huffington Post and on the mischievous but all-too-necessary Bad Pitch Blog. For more like this, follow him on @laermer.

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