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November 5, 2015
Three Keys to Not Sucking on the Job (or, How to Win in Business)
Winning the game in business is not about finding ways to crush your competition, because you have your own problems you need to address. There are three things that hold back most people in business, regardless of whether you own the business or you are one of the worker bees.

There is a good reason why we get results for our clients — we focus on the source of their real power and ability to perform. Most people in the corporate world are worried about things like business systems, analytics, work flow, or marketing. It’s all important stuff, but not as important as you might think.

Take a deep breath. You may not like what I have to say. Tough shit. These three things will kill your career and business.

Stop the Stories and Excuses!
Let’s come out and call these what they are: lies. Tell me the economy sucks and it is keeping you from your sales goals. Bullshit! I hear you whining about not getting your work done because your coworker is not pulling their weight. Bullshit!

Stop the excuses. While you are complaining, someone else out there in much worse conditions is crushing it. I am tired of the excuses and lies. Suck it up and start performing. When you start actually telling the truth and taking responsibility for your outcomes, you gain great power. Successful businesses tell the truth, acknowledge what is really happening, and do what it takes to perform.

Be Present!
Holy crap! I hope you understand this next concept; if you don’t, do some serious study on the subject of meditation. You must be fully present. Be mentally present on the job and not bitching about the past or worrying about the future. That means that when you are in a meeting with your client, you are focused on them, not the coworker you are screwing on your lunch hours. Worrying about the future does no good either. Being present, in the here and now, is one of the most important things you can do in business or in life.

Do The Work!
Should you be in the employ of others and have set work hours, you are fortunate. I can tell you that the average successful business owner gets in their workout at the gym, meditates several times during the day, keeps their relationships going, and does their business in about fifteen hours a day. Do you think that working eight or ten hours a day makes you special? You are not. Don’t give me crap about “working smart.” The hardest-working person gets results. No amount of working smart will beat the stupid person working harder. Sorry; none of you out there are so damn smart you are able to beat the harder worker. Success in this world is about getting off your ass and doing the work.

The last three months we’ve talked about our BrandgineeringTM system of getting results in your life. You can have it all: performing at your highest level, taking care of your health/fitness and well-being, and growing your relationships and business.

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Since the mid-1990s Carl Hartman has been working in senior management at television networks and his own agency, developing innovative formats for digital marketing content as well as consulting with businesses to refine their business systems & logic, soft skills, and marketing to drive their success. Based in Denver and Los Angeles, Carl’s education includes a mix of coaching modalities, creative, and business disciplines.
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