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October 16, 2014
This is Why Companies are Hiring
Job seekers are always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition, especially in an economy where there are more applicants than job openings. One of the keys is to understand why companies are hiring and how you can fit in with their reasons.

They Are Expanding
One reason that companies hire is because the business is growing.

They may be expanding into new areas or they may need more people to do the same jobs. It is helpful to know this is the case because it can help you tailor your answers.

A company that is offering a new product or service may be looking for someone with more experience in that area. Management is also interested in someone who is enthusiastic and can come up with new ideas.

Be prepared to come into an interview with ideas that have value for the company to show how you can think outside the box.

They Are Experiencing Turnover
A common reason for companies to hire new employees is because their current staff members moved on to new jobs. In this case, they may not be looking for change, but rather someone who will show dedication and loyalty.

To appeal to these companies, you don't want to come across as someone climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, show recruiters that you are looking for job stability and longevity.

It also helps if you can prove that you can adapt to the way things are done even if they are different than how you handle tasks.

If you have held several jobs in the past, you want to be ready to explain why you have moved around.

You should prove that you don't plan to continue switching jobs and be able to state what makes this job different.

They Are Making Changes
Sometimes a company isn't growing, but is instead reorganizing or changing the way business is being done.

In these cases, it may require a new employee or two to handle the change in workload or procedures. It often happens when one company is bought out or merged with another company.

In such instances, you can gain an edge over other applicants by proving that you can adapt to change.

The company may be dealing with employees that aren't happy with the new processes or have a negative attitude. Management is looking for someone that will have a positive outlook and provide energy and excitement.

As the article “5 Reasons Why Companies Hire” says, managers look for a person that fits into the company culture.

When you understand why companies hire new employees and what they are looking for in each case, it makes it easier to play up your strengths that fit with what they are looking for.

It gives you an advantage over those who don't take the time to research the company or think about how to present themselves.

In the end, it can make the difference between getting hired and getting passed over.

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Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including SEO and online business degrees.
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