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November 7, 2014
The Benefits of Making the Right Hire
As a business owner or hiring manager, finding and hiring the right person for each position is key to creating a successful team.

The debate is constant. Do you hire someone with experience and years behind them, or hire a fresh college graduate, with new ideas and excitement, but no experience?

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about that college grad....

Trial Run?
When looking at a recent college grad, you may want to weigh a few factors in deciding on the right position.

Some college grads are happy to take an internship right after college, as long as there is the prospect of it possibly turning into something more lucrative. If nothing else, they can use it as experience to increase their resume.

Be sure not to make promises you can't keep, though, and if no paid position exists in the future, make sure they know this is temporary, no matter how well they do.

Another option is a part-time or flex-schedule position. We often associate these terms with less important jobs, but that does not have to be the case. In many other first-world countries, there are marketers, teachers, and even biophysicists (just to name a few) who work part-time.

You can hire a recent college grad or an experienced individual who is not available full time. This can be a win-win as the person fills in workload gaps, wears different hats, or fulfills a specific, smaller niche.

Of course, sometimes it's really a full-time position that needs to be filled.

If you think your applicant fits the requirements, regardless of experience, you may want to go ahead and grab him while you can. Some managers like getting fresh graduates before they develop bad habits or someone else's protocols and implementation strategies become ingrained.

Remember, too, being a full-time employee induces a sense of loyalty and the employee is likely to stay longer.

As the following article on 5 Health insurance tips for college graduates notes, college graduates are always hearing things like "health insurance is imperative upon graduation," so offering this benefit, even if your company isn't big enough to be legally bound, is a plus for gaining a good hire.

It forms more of a bond and can create loyalty between the company and the employees, and because they are saving on insurance costs, they won't need to eventually look elsewhere.

Health insurance is expensive on your own, so by offering an excellent plan, your company becomes more desirable with earning potential.

Sometimes you need to look at the candidate and then decide on the placement; sometime you can have a set position waiting for just the right applicant. However you hire, we all know that finding the right fit will make a difference in your company.

You have a specific set-up in mind, but remember to be flexible so you don't pass up the right person. Tap into your intuition. Trust your gut. Look for character traits. Resist the desire to go by credentials alone, or what's on paper. The right hire can be like a love connection. You never want to settle.

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Heather Legg is an Atlanta-based independent writer who covers career and business topics, including social media, small business, personal finance, and brick and mortar business degrees and getting an online degree in business

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