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February 29, 2008
The 8 Things Every Small Business Should Know About SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective way for small business owners to compete and survive in the marketplace because it makes it much easier for current and prospective clients to find your goods and services. These days, when people are looking for something, their first instinct is to use the Internet as it’s the fastest and easiest way to find what they need. Search Engine Optimization:
  1. Levels the Playing Field – SEO levels the playing field like no other form of marketing because well-written, search engine optimized web content can place your website above the sites of large corporations with much deeper pockets.

  2. Is Cost-Effective – Unlike expensive print and broadcast media marketing methods that may or may not achieve the intended results, a properly executed SEO marketing campaign is cost-effective because it delivers results 24/7/365. There are no deadlines or expiration dates and your SEO marketing continues to deliver on your investment long after traditional forms of marketing have been forgotten.

  3. Allows you to Take Advantage of Niche Opportunities – SEO allows you to highlight the unique things about your business that set you apart from your competition. Niche opportunities that other businesses have overlooked can be used to your advantage and help you outrank other companies in your field.

  4. Gets your Website Noticed by Your Target Audience – SEO makes it easier for the people who are looking for your goods and services to find you. Your target audience in online right now making purchasing decisions and if your site is easier to find, you have a much greater chance of getting your message across and increasing sales.

  5. Lets you React Quickly to Emerging Trends – SEO lets you react quickly to important trends in the marketplace that larger companies are slow to respond to. While they’re sitting in meeting after meeting, smaller, more nimble companies like yours can capitalize on the opportunity and respond quickly.

  6. Achieves Tangible Results – Through the use of web tools that track traffic to your site, your SEO consultant can provide flexible tracking reports that give you tangible evidence of the results of your SEO marketing. These reports can be customized to track a number of factors of your choosing which provide invaluable insight into how visitors found your site, how long they viewed your pages, the links they clicked on while there, and so on.

  7. Transforms your Website into a Dynamic Marketing Tool – Well-written optimized content creates energy about your goods and services and engages your target audience like no other form of marketing.

  8. Highlights the Unique Nature of Your Business – The things that separate you from your competition are precisely the things that attract clients and factor into their purchasing decisions. Professionally written SEO web content showcases these differences and builds the foundation for future success!

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Nick Stamoulis is the president of the full-service Internet Marketing Firm, Brick Marketing.  Nick’s philosophy and strategies can be found in his SEO blog the, Search Engine Optimization JournalNick Stamoulis is also the editor and publisher for seven Internet marketing-related blogs: Pay Per Click Journal, Social Marketing Journal, Blog Marketing Journal, Email Marketing JournalLocal Advertising Journal, and Online Publicity Journal.

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