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October 14, 2008
Thank You For Hiring Me…I Would Like to Give My Two Weeks Notice Now

Okay, I know what you are thinking… you are a Professional Life Coach so what do you know about being a creative.

Well, it seems like a lifetime ago when I was scurrying around Manhattan with my large portfolio filled with hundreds of dollars worth of c-prints and samples looking for that "big break" into the wonderful world of advertising. Although I grew up in Manhattan, being a recent graduate took on a whole new look and feel. I can remember like it was yesterday (or the early nineties) feeling the excitement of what’s possible for me in wearing whatever I wanted to work and pulling all nighters in hopes of "being the one"or "part of the team" to sell that spot or piece of creative. The pulse of what’s cool and hip, the smell of flipping through a new Print or Graphic while sipping on my third coffee and tilting my hat sideways wondering how can I get my name in bright lights and into these magazines.

Man those were the best times I wish I could forget. Okay, maybe I am being a little jaded but hindsight is 20/20.

Looking back now having had a successful career in an industry that afforded me everything I wished for – there are still key lessons on how to survive the turbulent and wonderful world of advertising.

From the start I wish someone shared with me what I am about to share with you.

Let’s start with some tips that will help you get through your first month of work and maintain your sanity along the way.

Creating a balance in your life is something our parents always instilled us (or at least tried to) growing up. Remember how your day and night were all planned and balanced?
It’s called a routine and whether you realize it or not, you will always have one. The question is, "is it going to be one YOU created or one created for you?"

Time Management or the lack there of can be the slipperiest slope. And… I will prove it to you. Contrary to what you have heard, seen or read – you ARE allowed to leave the office at a reasonable hour – dare I saw 6pm? I know…I know how is it possible when I have all this work to do? Consider that it’s not about the workload but rather your time management skills.

Right now you are probably thinking one or more of the reasons below as to why you can’t leave on time or at best at a decent hour.

1) I will look bad or it will look bad
2) My boss won’t let me
3) I have a meeting
4) Dude…you have no idea
5) I am still waiting on…
6) No one ever leaves that early
7) I have got this killer deadline
8) The client…

You convinced now? I really DO get it…heck I have used all of those myself at one point or another. Okay so why I am still talking about this and if I have some magical answer – please tell me. The answer is actually pretty simple. Take a look at all the time you waste on a daily basis. Have you actually accounted for the time in your week and no I don’t mean doing time sheets (which by the way we all know you cheated on your hours…) what am referring to is the getting into work at 9:30 – 10am and then getting coffee and chatting until about 11am and then finally ending up at your desk / office to check emails, open links to youtube and settling in on the number one priority of your day…what’s for lunch?

Right there is about 2 hours you could have used to work and get out at 6 versus 8 or later. I know I know – I still don’t understand….it’s been a while and I have "no idea" what it’s like…yada yada yada. Consider that was just 11 seconds you spent on me when you could be spending it on YOU.

Making a request is where it all begins. What is a request you ask? Consider it is (in its most basic form) asking for something. Put another way – if you knew you were going on vacation and had to make a plane which required leaving at 6pm sharp – I assert you would do whatever was needed to make it happen. Well, I invite you to take on that same mind set every day.

The bottom line is this…you do have the power and know with all to have the life and career you set out to have. The only thing stopping you is you. Regardless of your situation – I invite you to take on these simple steps and start creating your life as you see it and not as it’s dictated to you. Who knows – you maybe one step closer to getting into Print magazine or at least leaving the office before the janitor’s come in at night to tidy up the place.

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Joshua Miller was a senior creative executive for over twelve years. He has worked in challenging creative environments in a variety of industries with a wide range of professionals. Currently, he is an executive and personal life coach and CEO/founder of myinstantCOACH.com.


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