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September 30, 2016
Stop the Bullsh!t and Make Your Dreams a Reality
The more I told lies, the better I got at recognizing others around the office that were telling lies. Since we all did it, we gave each other a pass. We made the assumption that all project managers lied and always padded the time and budget of any project. I actually remember one situation where a senior executive at another organization was required to provide a report to our company, and after several weeks of waiting and making multiple requests, FINALLY the report arrived. I dug into the report with great vigor for several days. However, every page was not relevant to our project. Eventually, I confronted the individual in an attempt to understand the content of the report. More time went by, and eventually she admitted to me that she simply pulled a random document from her files, changed the title, and sent it to me so I would stop bothering her about the deadline for the report.

I never had any trust for that organization following that event, and I began my own soul-searching about honesty. We’ve developed a really bad habit in both corporate America and in small businesses. We manufacture elaborate stories about the heavy traffic on the way to the office or why a project is late. Often we put more energy into creating the story or excuse than actually completing the project. The fact is that in most cases, we didn’t get our ass out of bed in time and simply performed poorly. When we get down to reality, rather than just spit out the facts, we tell lies.

One of the elements that seriously reduces our ability to reach our dreams and drains the power from our ability to perform is the stories or lies we tell ourselves. Why is this important in setting the agenda for our lives? Simply, the more real we can be about our current situation…the more truth we can tell and facts we can obtain…the faster we can get to our goals or dreams. People will also have more respect for you if you can own your performance.

Granular Truth About Your Targets
My last article spoke about defining high level targets, understanding what we want and why we wanting it, the high-level requirements for those targets, and most importantly how we have to change ourselves to reach our targets. Once that is done, we break down desired outcomes into a more granular, detailed outline that asks very specific questions about the requirements to obtain what is desired. While this appears simple, rarely do people take the time to actually outline, on a granular level, what is required to get them to their goals.

The primary, yet simple, element that makes this part of the process work really well is being absolutely honest about everything from where you are in your journey to obtaining all the facts about what is required to execute and then breaking that down into small elements. Once the target is established, our focus can be on daily tasks that eventually add up to completing the goal.

Detailing Your Future with Great Intention
This is your assignment for the next phase. Download the form and first describe where you are in your life, with great honesty. Next you’ll outline your desired outcomes in the next 90 days, including the elements required to get there; then, break those down into 30-day incremental benchmarks.

I have provided a link to a PDF (here) that can be used to break down the elements. The document includes some simple instructions.

This document will prepare you for the Mission Log portion of our system, which is really where the system begins to provide significant benefit, including a daily measurement and scoring system that objectively helps you measure your progress on a daily basis. Regardless if you are employed or a small business owner, used properly, you’ll begin to see your dreams and goals reached quickly.

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