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March 18, 2013
Spark the Flame Within for Employment Success!
Haven’t found the career of your dreams yet? Stressed, unmotivated, and lacking the fire to continue the frustrating process of job hunting? Everyone has experienced a transition point in their lives where they’ve lost the drive and need a little assistance. If you’re ready for the fuel to light the fire within, you may be at the turning point. You’re closer than you know.
Want to find the job that reignites your fire? Follow these simple steps. 

1. Inner flame: "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." -Arnold H. Glasgow. Before you can impress anyone with your abilities, you have to find a way to get excited about who you are and what you offer. People who downplay their strengths and talents, and internally focus on their mistakes or problems, lose that confidence to impress a potential employer.  Take time to remember the special qualities that make you stand out as a person; challenges you’ve overcome, experiences that bring depth and texture to who you are, and traits that serve you and others.

2. Don’t get burned with justifications: Stay clear of the temptation to make excuses. Many fault the economy, a previous boss, or any number of things for why they don’t have a job they love. When you focus on blame, you give up your power. Concentrate on what you can do to change the situation. Your energy increases when you focus on positive outcomes and activities you control.

3. Resumes that glow: Once you have your mindset in order, and you recognize that you deserve to find a job you love, you have to take action. Begin with the resume. Elizabeth Kaufman, Owner of Keystone Consulting Career Management Services, says, “Today’s resumes are all about personal branding; creating a document that is unique, memorable, and consistent is a key component to landing a job. We know that companies use branding to differentiate themselves from the competition and in today’s job market, employers are consumers! When they look at a resume, they are looking for that person who will solve their problems, make them money, and be a valuable asset to their team. Therefore, job-seeker resumes that clearly and concisely tell a prospective employer why they are the right fit for a job is essential to standing out and being selected.” Allow your resume to present the true essence of you.

4. Use the current hot trend: You cannot underestimate the power of social media in today’s job market. According to Carol McManus, America's LinkedIn Lady, "Everything in the digital world today is influenced by keywords. If you are looking for a job, you are not an exception to this rule. In all probability, your resume will be viewed electronically before it ever reaches the eyeballs of the recruiter or hiring manager. One way to insure that you don't end up in the slush pile is to strategically use keywords that relate directly to the type of position you are seeking. Even better, if you are applying to a specific position, see what words they use in the posting and incorporate them where appropriate in your resume. You will get seen and you might even get that new job!" 

5. Dynamite results: Once you get in the door, the real magic begins. Knowing and appreciating who you are will help you confidently discuss the benefit you bring to the position, but don’t forget the primary rules of relationship building. Do your homework, ask insightful questions, listen with respect, look them in the eye, smile, and be real. It’s your turn to shine.
Use these five steps to spark your flame and confidently ignite your employment success.

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Heather Hansen O’Neill is a professional speaker, success coach, creator of Adventure to Connection and author of Find Your Fire at Forty: Creating a Joyful Life During the Age of Discontent and the soon to released Teams On Fire! Visit www.fireinfive.com for more information.
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