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June 22, 2016
Six-Word Stories … Day Three

Candice Johnson

Brilliant budding writer seeking work desperately.


Tom Sacco

"Writer's block? Who, me? No way!"

Gotta bill 'em to get paid.


Rich Parubrub

“Goodbye!” yelled Ambition. “Hell-lo!” Mediocrity replied.


Catherine Huggins

Intellect and humor comprise winning combination!


Bonus stories, creative in nature:

Steve Gauvin

Mom left. We stayed. Everything changed.


Elizabeth Spear

Running. Chasing. Shouting, Gunshots. Dodging. Silence.


Wife scowls through window. Disloyal husband.

Readers, send your six-word stories to angel@talentzoo.com, and we’ll run them next week if they’re suitable.

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